Our Company

Founded in July 2005, Blackwater Tours is a premier tour company operating here in Monument Valley. 100% Navajo owned and operated, we strive to provide the best rates and tours of Monument Valley possible.

Our friendly Navajo guides have more than a decade of experience show visitors the wonders and sights of Monument Valley.

Our custom open 4×4 tour vehicles comfortably seat 12 persons, so you can enjoy the scenery without a window getting in the way. If you choose we have an SUV option for the days when the weather is unfavorable.

Our Family

Our family has lived in Monument Valley for many generations, they have witness many changes over the century. Tourism was one of the largest changes to come to the area and is still one of the largest forms of income for the area.

In the early 1900s, A local trader “Harry Goulding’s”, introduced Monument Valley to the world when he brought Hollywood to Monument Valley to film westerns. Our great grandparents Willie and Happy Cly were one of the many local Navajo pioneers that started to cater their services to the new form of income brought to the area due to the films released featuring Monument Valley, tourism.

Today, many tourists from all over the world come to Monument Valley to see in person what they have seen in the media for themselves.

Our Navajo guides will share our a part of our world to you, and perhaps we will learn a little about yours. We welcome you to visit a part of the wild west here in Monument Valley!