Monument Valley FYI

Information About The Local Vicinity

The Monument Valley Navajo Park

The Navajo Nation Department of Parks and Recreation manages the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

An entrance fee is to be paid upon entry, currently $8.00 per person. They do not accept park passes of any kind. During the spring and summer months, entry to the park is slow and may take up to an hour in some cases.

It is best to make reservations online, arrival without a reservation may result in higher fees for any kind of tour into Monument Valley.

Confusing Time Changes In The Area

Time zones are confusing in the region. We operate within the Mountain Standard time zone that uses Daylight Savings time. Time changes in March and in November, so before arriving, or planning a tour, make sure you arrive at the right time. Most of Arizona does not use the Daylight savings time system, they do not change their times. Monument Valley is the same time as Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah.

🍔 Places To Eat ☕️

Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona

There are two dine-in restaurants and a fast food grill located at the gas station.

Sorry, we cannot list the names, we could not get permission from the owners.

Kayenta, Arizona

21 miles South of Monument Valley

Fast food chain restaurants are; McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Church’s Chicken, Taco Bell, and a Starbucks located inside the Basha’s supermarket.

Two locally owned restaurants; The Blue Coffee Pot (recommended below) and a local Mexican restaurant.

There are two other dine-in restaurants located in hotels in Kayenta. They have limited or late operating hours and are recommended if you are staying in town for the night.

The Blue Coffee Pot Restaurant

Serving western and traditional Navajo dishes. Seating is limited due to the Navajo Nation COVID-19 pandemic mandate. Masks are required upon entry. Accepts major credit cards and cash. Wait time vary during lunch rush hours.

Open 7am-8pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Mexican Hat, Utah – 23 miles North of Monument Valley

There are two other restaurants available, but we are unable to obtain more information.

7-2-11 Convenience Store/Shell fuel

San Juan Inn and Cafe

Located right outside the Navajo Nation. Alcoholic beverages served, American and Navajo dishes served.

No COVID-19 mandate information available.

Accepts major credit cards and cash.