Sunrise Tour of Monument Valley

3 Hour Sunrise Tour of Monument Valley

$80.00 per Adult | $35.00 per Child Ages 5-12

Tour Details

Also a complete tour of Monument Valley. Our guides will take you to the best sunrise spots, where the early light silhouettes ripples on the sand, and massive sandstone cliffs and buttes bathe in the red-orange sunlight in the distance. Then continue off to see the rest of Monument Valley as the valley gets ready for the day.

A list of stops you will see on the Sunrise Tour. Depending on the guide and weather situation, stop arrangements may change without notice:

Estimated Duration: From departure to drop-off 3.5 hours.

  1. Mitten View Point – We stop so you can get some photos with the famous mitten buttes.
  2. John Ford’s Point – Director of John Wayne films, John Ford used this area to base movie production because of its panoramic views. ***A horse and its owner are sometimes present, but a small fee (not included) will have to be paid to take a picture.
  3. The Chieftain’s head, Sleeping Dragon, and Thunderbird formations.
  4. Traditional Navajo Hogan Demonstration Visit – A visit to the Yazzie’s residence, a small demonstration some of the Navajo crafts and traditional home before modernization took hold.
  5. The Big Hogan & Moccasin Arches – Side by side, step under an awesome arch and feel the wonders of it’s structure.
  6. The Sun’s Eye Arch – Look up at an arch 800 feet above the ground while it looks back at you from above. And see ancient art preserved in stone at the base.
  7. The Ear of The Wind Arch – An arch located at the very back of Monument Valley, listen to the wind as it passes though it.
  8. The Totem Pole and The Cube Overlook – This stop features views of the Totem Pole, a natural sandstone spire that stands at 380 feet.
  9. Artist’s Point – An area where many artists have come to capture Monument Valley by hand.
  10. The North Window – Where the tall butte frame north Monument Valley perfectly.

**Please note that the winter solstice changes drastically and tour departure times change accordingly. Departure time will be displayed on the calendar when you go into the “Book Now” button.

***2 adult person minimum per booking.***